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Postdoctoral Programs

Post-Doctoral Training Positions

Below is a Brief Agency Profile of the CAPIC Postdoctoral member programs. Non-CAPIC Postdoctoral positions are posted separately on the Training and Employment section as a courtesy.

NOTE: The CAPIC online match process is only for predoctoral internships. For CAPIC postdoc positions, click on the links below for the individual sites and contact them directly regarding postdoc opportunities. Do not use the online match process for postdoc positions.

Advanced Neurobehavioral Health of Southern California
Aegis Medical Systems, Inc.
Alameda Family Services
Alameda Health System
Anka Behavioral Health Inc.
Ann Martin Center
California College of the Arts - Counseling Services Department
Caltech Counseling Center
Children's Hospital & Research Center - Oakland, Dept. of Psychiatry
Children's Hospital & Research Center - Oakland, ECMHP
Children's Hospital Oakland - Center for the Vulnerable Child
El Camino Hospital
Fall Creek Counseling Associates
Girls Inc. of Alameda County/Pathways Counseling Center
Institute for Multicultural Counseling and Education Services (IMCES)
La Familia Counseling Service - Outpatient Program
Mount Saint Mary's College
Pacific Institute for Counseling Education & Research
Ronald McDonald House
San Diego Center for the Blind
Santa Rosa Community Health Centers
Sharper Future San Francisco - POSTDOC
Sonoma Recovery Services - Olympia House
Wright Institute - Berkeley, School-Based Collaboration

Important Information

APA/CoA Implementing Regulations for Accreditation: Policy Statements & Implementing Regulations
American Psychological Association "Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct (2002)"
California Board of Psychology (CA/BoP) booklet "Professional Therapy Never Includes Sex" Note: It is required, as stated in the 2009 Laws and Regulations Booklet of the CA/BoP, that this booklet be provided to all psychology trainees at the beginning of the year, and it must be documented that they have read it.


Closing Protocol for Internship or Postdoctoral Training Programs
Postdoctoral Agency Membership Criteria
Postdoctoral FAQs
Supervision Agreement Form
Verification of Experience Form
Postdoctoral Membership Application Instructions
CAPIC Info Regarding Interns and Stipends